Personalization: What’s Next for Law Firm Events


We are in an age of automation and digitization in marketing, and, as a result, impersonalization. We try to achieve scale and efficiency, and overlook that by doing so we’re missing opportunities to make authentic connections. The goal of law firm event marketing, therefore, should not be to make contact with large numbers of people, but rather connections with small numbers of people that really matter.

So what’s the next trend in law firm event marketing? In an era when everyone is zigging toward automation, we think leading-edge law firms should be zagging back toward increased personalization.

How is this best accomplished? It’s by creating events that intensely appeal to a targeted group of people. Everyone is not a potential client, so events should not appeal to everyone. If you know who your ideal client is, you can craft an experience that “breaks the script” and make it both appealing and memorable to members of a particular demographic.

This takes some work, however. Here’s how to approach it:

  1. Define the “ideal client” you’re targeting. It may be high-net worth individuals who own privately-held businesses in a particular industry. Get as narrow as possible with the demographic you’re trying to appeal to.
  2. By getting narrow with your demographic, you can then dig into psychographics – passions, tastes, interests, and preferences – of members of the demographic.
  3. By doing this, you’ll find some common threads. Perhaps a significant number of people within this demographic who are clustered within the geographic scope of your practice are graduates of a particular college (you can determine this by using, for example, LinkedIn’s search tools).
  4. Armed with this understanding, you can create an event centered around this common interest, such as a sporting, cultural, or fundraising event related to the school. You can position your firm as an advocate of something members of your target market care about, and personalize the experience for them as a result.

People are busy. The marketplace is noisy. No one wants to be sold to. In an era of mass marketing, there are opportunities for smart law firms to stand out by taking a more personalized approach to event marketing.

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