The Hottest Colors in 2018 Law Firm Invitation Design

RSVP - 2018 hot colors - Moodboard-law-firm-announcements.png

One of the things I love most about designing invitations for law firms is that it’s often an opportunity to get really creative.

When it comes to designing other law firm brand and marketing collateral such as brochures, announcements, and elements of stationery, there are often tight constraints requiring designers to stay within the parameters of brand style guidelines when it comes to things like color and typography. This is for good reason - law firms need to project consistent brand images to the marketplace.

But invitations often offer the opportunity to break free of constraints (yeah!), if just a little bit. After all, the point of an invitation is to generate excitement and convey, in a direct and meaningful way, why an invitee should give up some of their valuable time to spend it attending your event. One of the best ways to create a professional yet engaging invitation is through the use of a beautiful and interesting color palette.

As leaders in law firm invitation design, we’re always mindful of design and style trends going on in the broader words of fashion, interior, and other forms of design. One of the resources that informs our design sensibility is the PANTONE Fashion Color Trend Report, issued annually by the Pantone Color Institute.

This year’s Report is a compilation of the hottest color trends in fashion for Spring 2018. We wanted to share this as a resource for you to know what colors are connecting with people this year so you can incorporate some of them into your upcoming event collateral. Look out for these colors to be featured in some of our upcoming invitation design templates as well!

Click here to see this year's report on 2018's hottest colors!


Need a Unique INVITATION DESIGNED for your event?

We start every custom invitation design by putting together two mood board concepts which are a collection of the proposed colors and design elements for the invitation. This helps you to get a sense of and select a design direction before an invitation is fully designed. Mood boards help to streamline the design process...and they're fun to boot! If you have an upcoming event you'd like to discuss please contact Heather Harrington at 313.432.0287 or