Two Essential Elements of a Successful Law Firm Event

Spare Your Clients another Evening of Cheese Squares and Chardonnay'

This article originally appeared on Attorney at Work.

Hosting networking, educational and social events is one of the best tactics to strengthen relationships with existing clients and establish connections with new ones. Events offer opportunities to engage on a deeper, more personal level, which is key to forming trust and laying the foundation for business development.

Since these benefits are relatively obvious, almost every law firm invests in some form of event planning. This means current and prospective clients get bombarded with invitations to law firm events that sound pretty similar. Despite making significant investments, many firms don’t get the ROI they’re hoping for because clients simply can’t stomach another evening of cheese squares and chardonnay.

Personalization: What’s Next for Law Firm Events

We are in an age of automation and digitization in marketing, and, as a result, impersonalization. We try to achieve scale and efficiency, and overlook that by doing so we’re missing opportunities to make authentic connections. The goal of law firm event marketing, therefore, should not be to make contact with large numbers of people, but rather connections with small numbers of people that really matter.

So what’s the next trend in law firm event marketing? In an era when everyone is zigging toward automation, we think leading-edge law firms should be zagging back toward increased personalization.

The Hottest Colors in 2018 Law Firm Invitation Design

One of the things I love most about designing invitations for law firms is that it’s often an opportunity to get really creative.

When it comes to designing other law firm brand and marketing collateral such as brochures, announcements, and elements of stationery, there are often tight constraints requiring designers to stay within the parameters of brand style guidelines when it comes to things like color and typography. This is for good reason - law firms need to project consistent brand images to the marketplace.

Bringing "Farm Fresh" Invitation Design to the Table for Your Law Firm Gatherings

Spring is right around the corner, and that means that law firms around the country are in the process of planning fun, exciting - and hopefully fruitful - events for the season.

As we've learned over the last decade designing hundreds of law firm event invitations, and as I'm sure you've come to know in your own event planning experience, events that capture the mood of the moment tend to have better turnout. For our latest mood board, called "Farm Fresh," we incorporated what's hot in the worlds of food, style, and design, and applied it in a sophisticated way for a look that's sure to entice and inspire your invitees.